Explore the vast wilderness of the Deep South with the expertise and operational dexterity of Antarctic Ice Pilot. We thrive on the technical challenges of leading expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere and offer an extensive list of services to make your expeditions a reality, from managing all aspects of your expedition to advising how to prepare for and run your own expedition.

Expeditions to the Southern Hemisphere require significant planning to ensure that legal and environmental requirements are met, including the experience required to receive a permit to enter the Antarctic Treaty Zone and South Georgia waters. Hiring Antarctic Ice Pilot means you can outsource this time consuming job of obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. Be aware that a minimum of three months is required to receive a US permit to enter the Antarctic Treaty Zone as the US State Department, Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation have strict procedures to be adhered to.

In conjunction with our partners, we offer:

  • Permit applications and IEE (Initial Environmental Evaluations) to include contingency planning and evacuation protocols
  • Detailed itinerary planning including chart lists, and sources for weather and ice information
  • Travel, provisioning and bunkering logistics
  • Expedition vessel naval architecture and vessel refit project management
  • Ice piloting and generalist guiding
  • Specialist staff including naturalists, doctors, pilots, photographers/videographers, and dive guides
  • Expedition outfitting, including equipment, clothing, spares, and first aid kits
  • Expedition shoreside support

Permit Applications

The Antarctic Treaty Zone (south of 60) and South Georgia are protected areas and vessel must receive permission to enter them. We can help identify necessary permits and complete the application process for you. We can also provide guidance on how to meet and operate within the enforced environmental standards.

Voyage Planning and Vessel Preparation

Your ice pilot can work with your captain to prepare the yacht for the remote cruising in the high latitudes including realistic voyage planning and a database with little known anchorages and charted areas. We design itineraries using our deep knowledge of the cruising grounds, our network of local contacts and background as superyacht crew and polar residents. Where possible luxurious shore activities will be planned to provide the best possible experience.

We can advise you on the challenge of the polar environment and help answer questions, such as:

  • When should you go?
  • What conditions will you encounter?
  • How do you decrease your environmental impact and comply with the Antarctic Treaty?
  • What onboard systems will struggle with the ice and glacial sediment?
  • How can you decrease your commute time and increase your time south?

Expedition Guiding

We have expert knowledge of local conditions, anchorages and activities, having lived in both the summer and winter in Antarctica and South Georgia plus, 17 years of experience in the yachting industry.

Your ice pilot can provide generalist knowledge of the regions history, geomorphology and wildlife providing a formal presentation on each landing spot and the general scenery of the area bringing the region to life.  If you require more specialist naturalists or photographers/videographers Antarctic Ice Pilot can introduce you to the best in their field.

As the permit holder for the expedition, your ice pilot will ensure all activities are within the confines of the Antarctic Treaty and are in line with IATTO’s operational procedures. We will ensure you are safely diving, kayaking, SUPing and mountaineering.

Antarctic Ice Pilot supports IATTO’s goals of promoting and practicing safe and environmentally responsible tourism in the pristine and ecologically sensitive Antarctic. We ensure your expedition is run to the same high safety and environment standards as an IATTO expedition by using the same operating procedures. If we are completing an existing crew, we will assimilate into your established crew and will work with them to enhance the operating style of a yacht to comply with local environmental regulations.

Expedition Outfitting

Special equipment and clothing are necessary to provide an enjoyable and safe cruise. We can provide or advise on stranding kits, clothing, specialist first aid, and contingency kits. We will recommend books, maps, reading lists, and videos to enhance the guest experience. We will provide our own charts and shoreside emergency kits, which will save you a significant amount of money and keeps purchases of extra equipment not required after the expedition to a minimum.