Sailing in high latitudes and particularly between South America, Antarctica and the island of South Georgia and The Falkland Islands provides challenges for even the most experienced yachts’ captain. A prolonged period in ice and near ice brings its own challenges requiring a custom yacht built for this purpose. Our combination of superyacht captain, ice piloting, onshore guiding experience, and living and operating vessels in Antarctic waters makes us uniquely qualified to advise on aspects of an expedition yacht’s design.

New Builds

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Our team has undertaken tens of thousands of ocean miles in latitudes above 50. We understand what’s required of a new build for high latitude sailing, while incorporating your needs and requirements into the vessel. We work with the naval architect and the builder on your behalf, from trials to launch, to ensure that the design satisfies all your needs and what is designed is built.



Whether you’re refitting an existing expedition yacht or a blue water cruiser, our advice and support can help make your vision a reality. We’ll help you make informed decisions every step of the way to increase the comfort both onboard and ashore, mitigate risks and invest in the most appropriate and necessary modifications.