An important thing that differentiates Ashley is the fact that she actually lived in South Georgia and in Antarctica, which gives her much greater local knowledge then any other expeditions leaders who have visited frequently but not been in residence.
— Ann Evans Captain and owner of M/V Ithaka

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Ashley has sailed over 10,000 miles with me. Their is not another person that I feel more comfortable to be with at sea when the conditions separate the “men from the boys”. For example in Jan 2014 we rounded Cape Horn and crossed the infamous Drake Passage together with the owner and guests aboard. For the first two days of the crossing to Antarctica the conditions and wind chill where extreme. So extreme that the auto pilot could not possibly be used. Ashley and I where the only capable helmsman aboard and we rotated every hour for two days. Their is NO WAY we would have made this passage safely with out Ashley aboard.
— Cpt Timothy Forderer SY Vivid 27m Jongert

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The fjord navigation and ice pilotage was less stressful due to Ashley’s experienced presence on the bridge. All water and shore based activities for guests and crew were excellent.
— J Guy D Fraser, Captain SY Fidelis 56m Perini Navi

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I have sailed with Ashley as mate on the “SY Darling” and found her to possess all the qualities I would want in a captain. She is capable, conscientious and pays great attention to detail. She has the management and communication skills necessary to safely sail and maintain large yachts, and just as important, she has the integrity and honesty to keep relationships with owners, crew and vendors on a high level.
— Patrick McIlwain, USCG Captain 500 ton
Ashley’s job as Senior Boatman at KEP has called for support to be provided to unusual and sometimes unpredictable projects, a prime example being the March and April 2011 project to eradicate rats from large areas of South Georgia by dropping poisoned bait from helicopters. The provision of SAR cover for potions of helicopter flights over water was provided by the boating team at KEP. During a time when resources were stretched Ashley’s energy, flexibility and organizational zeal were invaluable.
— Rob Webster, Base Commander KEP
Ashley worked as Boating Officer at Rothera research station from November 2009 until April 2010. During this time she had responsibility for the day-to-day running of all aspects of boating to support BAS scientific activities in Antarctica as well as provide search and rescue cover for aircraft operations and recreational opportunities for station staff.

From the outset, her enthusiasm and drive was very evident and her professionalism raised the overall level of boating provision at Rothera. Ashley clearly takes pride in her work end enjoys what she does. She has a versatile set of skills and was always willing and capable of turning her hand to any task.
— Dave Wattam, Logistics Co-ordinator Rothera
Ashley has a wealth of experience as a yacht skipper all over the world, and considerable Antarctic experience at Rothera and at King Edwards Point in South Georgia, and also as part of the expedition team on Corinthian II in the 2011-2012 Antarctic season. She is thoroughly professional in all aspects of her work and would maintain the highest standards of safety for both her passengers and crew, and the highest standards of protection for the wildlife in Antarctica.
— Danny Edmunds Antarctic Expedition staff M/S Polar Star (2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2010-2011), M/S Corinthian II (2011-2012, 2012-2013) & M/S Expedition (2013)
I have also had the pleasure of many sea passages and ocean crossings with Miss Perrin, always finding her to be either a watch leader or captain of high integrity and great skill. The vessels that I have sailed with, or for, Miss Perrin include sail and power in sizes from 40 feet to almost 90 feet LOA. She has always been able to demonstrate excellent boat handling and management, of any size of yacht.

Aside from the above, Miss Perrin has also assisted me in the delivery of ISAF Safety and Seamanship courses, at several venues, again demonstrating herself to have the greatest knowledge of the largest subject matter possible.

I am looking forward to working with, and once again operating offshore with Miss Perrin, whom I cannot recommend more highly. Anyone engaging Miss Perrin for a position as Master 200 tons, or Officer of the Watch 500 tons would appreciate her skills as I do.
— Paul Cunningham, ISAF Sea Survival Instructor
Ashley did a terrific job supporting us (the marine biologist researchers) at Rothera. She is one of the most capable and keen boatman we have ever had.
— David K A Barnes, British Antarctic Survey, Data Interpretation Ecologist Biodiversity, Evolution and Adaptation team
None of us had much experience when we went into that program. But Ashley did a tremendous job of getting the right parts when we needed them and handling logistics. Ashley has incredible drive. But what I really admire about her is that she doesn’t pretend to be the best at everything she knows her strengths, and she plays to those strengths.
— Ocean Planet skipper Bruce Schwab, 2002 Open 60 Ocean Planet Around Alone